Clover's Thoughts
"She doing it again! Another style shift!"

3D Render Yes I know this is gettting kind absurd, but it’s way to fun to experiment.

Now Entering the Third Dimension

3D Render I think that’s enough 3D modeling for me for this year. [proceeds to stop 3D modeling.] Also sorry about not posting in a long time. I haven’t really done much as of late.

Shifts in Art Styles

A few days ago, I suddenly felt the intense urge to take a dramatic shift in how I draw. But to be fair, this kind of stuff happens to me every few months so it was bound to happen. As usual for this kind of thing, it all started when I saw some cool artworks on Twitter. So I began experimenting.

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She is grilling!!!

Ah yes. This here is a goood meme, grilling.

Clover Walk-cycle

WOWZA, it’s a me! I’m inside the digital realm!!! =:0

Stream Drawings

Stream Drawings I made on today’s stream!

Stream Drawings

Stream Drawings I made on last Friday’s stream!

Late night doodle


Neco-Ver (bnnuy)

neco-arc? more like neco-ver! get it? like ClO-VER?

The Lake

The Lake