Clover's Thoughts
Shifts in Art Styles

A few days ago, I suddenly felt the intense urge to take a dramatic shift in how I draw. But to be fair, this kind of stuff happens to me every few months so it was bound to happen. As usual for this kind of thing, it all started when I saw some cool artworks on Twitter. So I began experimenting.

First shift These drawings was some of my first few attempts at trying something different. It felt good to try something somewhat away from how I usuallly draw, even if it was just mainly a ‘facelift.’ (the joke is that the biggest change was how I draw the face =XP)

As I was on this journey of art rediscovery… I saw something, something aluring. The artwork had the flowing movements of innocence. It had an energy you could feel just from looking at it, or rather, I could feel myself getting sucked into it. But as I gone deeper in, everything become covered in a film of perverted flith.

For every Eden there was a snake, and this artist was more snake than ‘Eden’.

I can not in good conscious every reveal who this artist was, for this artist was vile to their core. Yet, I could not deny the skill their hands have, and I could not deny the sense of admiration I had for that skill. So like Prometheus stealing fire from the gods, I too set out plunder my own fire. But unlike Prometheus, I was not stealing from gods, I was stealing from the devil.

Second Shift Third Shift

Despite having the fire I seeked in my hand, the knowledge of its origin was too much for me. Thus I sought to mold the fire in my image. So I experiemented further and further, weilding the knowledge I gathered before and forging it into the fire.

Third Shift I’m still not completely satified with what I have. I will continue to improve, and I will continue to forge the fire, until my hands are stronger than heaven. But for now? I’ll enjoy the skill I have now. (example being the grill meme I just drew last post.)