Site Updates
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11/28/2021 - Christmas update =:D

11/28/2021 - Got rid of Disqus on the blog. Didn't realized ADs was a thing. Screw that.

10/20/2021 - Just joined furryring!

10/18/2021 - Updated the main site and changed some things... AGAIN.

10/13/2021 - Updated the main site and changed some things.

10/04/2021 - Redecorated the blog a bit

09/20/2021 - Put some buttons in links

09/16/2021 - Spruced up the CSS for the main site for mobile users + other things. I also added likes and comments to my blog!

09/05/2021 - Revamped the blog using Jekyll and deleted the Gallery

08/014/2021 - Added Blog and Gallery link.

06/08/2021 - Redid the ENTIRE website from stratch: Styled the site after Klonoa 2's menus and changed the url.