Clover: Site of Pondering

Hi! Welcome to my site, Here I've put some some simple info about myself. =:D

In very simple terms, I'm a funny lil' bunny doodling her way onto cyberspace! In less simple terms, I'm a transgender bunnygirl livin' her life in Texas and spending most of her time in the digital realm.

Quick facts!

Pronouns: (she/her) (bun/buns)

Hobbies: I really love to draw! Besides that, my hobbies are ever changing! =X3

Drawing Tablet: I currently use a Huion Kamvas 13. I was too stubborn with drawing with a mouse, so this is my also my first drawing tablet... =XP

Favorite season: Winter is my most favorite season, after all it IS in my username! (hehe) I'm also born on December so there's that.

Favorite color: Blue =;]

My Fursona

If you're not familiar with furries, you might be wondering, "What's a fursona?" Well, a fursona is an animal avatar made to represent YOU, hence a "furry persona." Fursona can be basically you but as an animal, or can be OC that you deeply relate to, or a mascot. Don't let the name fool you, fursonas can be anything, not just mammals.

Me, Myself, and I: Clover

Clover isn't just a fursona, she's me! It's a bit strange to think about, but the internet is full of stranger things.¯\_(^ㅅ^)_/¯
My life and Clover's life are essentially the same, even if her life goes about things slightly different than mine, those are still my experiences. I guess you can say I'm a semi-fictional person.

a drawing of me, Clover